Construction period:05/2019-05/2020
Investor:KAMPI OFFICE s.r.o.
Volume-area:Built-up area 4 565 m2
Scope of Work:General delivery
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The KAMPI OFFICE production and storage facility is located in the Kapřiska industrial zone in the south-western part of Hodonín. The area of the industrial zone is a former fly ash dump area where power plant fly ash was deposited in the past. Layers of fly ash determine the foundation of buildings by deep piling. The new production plant includes production, storage and sale of office supplies. There are two above-ground buildings, an office building and a hall for the production, storage and sale of office supplies. Our company is the general contractor of the construction, we also provide complete working design documentation and issuance of the final building occupancy permit.

The office building is a two-storey building of rectangular shape. The construction system is made of reinforced precast concrete skeleton. The cladding is made of ceramic block masonry and it is designed as a suspended, ventilated facade system. There is a reception with a passage to the wholesale shop, sanitary facilities, boiler room, dining room and central dressing rooms for employees on the 1st floor. There is also located an office for the production director. This part is connected by passage to the production hall. There are offices of the company management and individual operational departments on the 1st floor.

The production and storage hall is an open space  building designed as a three sectinal hall of rectangular ground floor plan. The vertical load-bearing structures consist of precast reinforced concrete columns and the roof structure is supported by reinforced concrete trusses, central part consists of a warehouse and rear part  is reserved for expedition goods and receipt of materials. There is a wholesale warehouse with self-service office supplies sale in the side hall, as well as the office of the warehouse manager and warehouse worker. A production hall is located to the right of the main warehouse. The warehouse building is cladded with sandwich PIR panels.

The entire built-up area of all aboveground buildings is 4.565 m2.

Roads, parking and handling areas, sidewalks and a parking area for bicycles, including a bicycle shelter, were built within the compound. The main road is extended and terminated by a reinforced handling area for large trucks turning in the rear part of the new plant compound. A smaller part of the area remains undeveloped and is designed as green area.