About the company

We build on competence

Heberger CZ s.r.o. is part of Heberger Group multinational conglomerate, an international company active globally, its principal activity is mainly in the project management and construction - general contracting of buildings and turnkey construction (starting with investment analysis, through the study and management of construction to final building approval and the delivery of functioning building), all that while fully respecting the customer’s wishes.

Heberger CZ s.r.o. was founded in Prague in 1994 as a subsidiary of Heberger Group. During the time of its activity in the Czech market it has developed into one of the largest foreign construction companies in the Czech Republic. Same as the parent company, its principal program is in the project management and services of general contractor.

Our clients are local and foreign investors, simply everyone who wants to invest and build in the Czech Republic and whose priority is having competent, strong and reliable partner.

We want to gain the trust of our customers with our clear and money-saving ideas, good performances and high quality of work while meeting the deadlines on-time and using the most modern technologies.

Customer satisfaction is our biggest asset