Step by step, stone by stone

In 1948 the master bricklayer Jakob Heberger founded his own construction company with the goal of helping to rebuild the damages in the postwar Germany. The young man had a lot of work ahead of him, but he devoted himself to it with optimism, professionalism and reliability, thus the quality of his construction work and the ability to meet the deadlines became synonymous with the new company.

Jakob Heberger had a great ability to take the advantage of the rapid commercial growth and economic miracle of the 50’s. The company grew and prospered. Its development has also changed the company's activity. Heberger-Bau started to concentrate more and more on construction in the industrial sector and public housing. Soon after that came the first orders worth “millions”. The revenue grew and the company continued to expand. The company proved its strength during the economic crises of 70’s when it was able to maintain the high revenue, thus stabilizing itself further.

1974: crossing the borders ...

The company's first order outside of Germany was the order for the construction of a large champagne storage facility in France. Immediately after that followed other and other big orders in the Western Europe, Northern Africa, Near and Middle East.

1994: Entering the Czech market

Heberger Group came to the Czech Republic in 1994 and apart from other companies in the group it has founded Heberger CZ s.r.o.

Dates and facts
1948 founding of the company
1974 first expansion beyond the borders of Germany
1976 founding of Heberger System Bau GmbH
1986 founding of Heberger S.A. Granada, Spain
1987 founding of the branch office in ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates
1993 founding of Heberger Portuguesa Lda. in Portugal
founding of HaNSa in Budapest, Hungary
joining Prefa-Praha a.s.,
founding of Heberger CZ s.r.o.
1996 founding of Heberger Polska Sp.z.o.o., Poland
1998 founding of Heberger&Lojen Gradenje d.o.o., Croatia
1999 founding of Heberger Espanol S.A., Spain
2002 founding of HPSAN s.r.o., Czech Republic
2004 founding of Heberger France, France
founding of Heberger Constructii S.R.L. Bucharest, Romania
2005 founding of Heberger LTD., Ireland
founding of Heberger LUX S.A., Luxembourg