Construction period:10/2017-03/2019
Investor:DGPack s.r.o.
Volume-area:Floor area 12.700 m2
Scope of Work:General delivery
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The construction of a new production plant for a significant foreign client which is involved in the production of flexible packaging has began in November 2017. Our company is the general contractor of the project, we are also responsible for complete working desing documentation.

The construction includes the construction of an administrative building, a  production hall and external infrastructure - roads, pavements, parking and handling areas. The construction is designed with the possibility of extension with 2nd phase of similar dimension.

The administrative building is adjacent to the production hall. The object is designed as a three-storey prefabricated skeleton with masonry external walls. The facade of the building is made of a hanged aluminum facade and a part of the eastern facade will consits of a glass surface. The building will serve as an office background of the company, with cloakrooms, toilets, washrooms and a canteen facility for employees. The total floor area of the building is 1.853 m2, built-up area 704 m2. The building is designed for 65 workers.

The production hall is one-storey with two height levels and several sections, having a saddle roofs. It includes three structurally independent, reinforced concrete prefabricated structures - a Storage hall, a Production hall and a Store of explosive substances. It is founded by piles and gravel pillars. There will be  loading bridges and gates in the facade cladding, together with entrance aluminum doors and windows with selected color coating. A handling ramp will be built adjacent to the Storage hall. A crane track for a bridge crane will be placed in the Store of explosive substances on the reinforced concrete columns. Another crane track is located in the Production hall. There are also 2 small column cranes in the building.

The facility in the Production hall is technologically very demanding, the execution includes complete ventilation and cooling systems, including cooling and ventilation for production technology, distribution of compressed air and other technological media. Heat supply is resolved by a central gas boiler, the building will be equipped with sprinkler systém and CO2 fire-extinguishing equipment, fire alarm system, structured cabling and CCTV. Some parts of the production will be equipped with ATEX terminal elements, i.e explosion resistance according to the classification of technology in the certain rooms.

The total floor area of the Production hall is 10.875 m2, built-up area 9.954 m2. There is a 4-shift operation planned for a total of 180 workers in the hall.

Roads, paved areas and parking are barrier-free, having ramps for disabled access. There will be additional technological facilities  placed on separate foundation at the external areas, these will also include underground tanks for media storage intended for production.