New logistics hall GZ Media, Loděnice

Construction period:08/2015-04/2016
Investor:GZ Digital Media a.s.
Volume-area:Usable area 2.982 m2
Photo: New logistics hall GZ Media, Loděnice

In August 2015 has begun the construction of a new logistics one storey hall in the area of GZ Media Loděnice near Beroun. It is a creation of a single operating paper material warehouse for packaging of finished products and its operational integration with existing production. The total area of the warehouse, including the connecting corridor is 2.982 m2. The project also includes small construction works of the existing building - a building of completion which will be with the new hall connected.

As part of the preparatory works were demolished the existing buildings, which are located on an area intended for the new development. The hall will have a similar design as a building which we also realized in 2011 for GZ Media Centre located on the same grounds. The layout  of hall is divided into the shel storage and free storage. In the east next to the hall is penthouse for material handling. The penthouse will be equipped with two loading bridges and ramps for unloading from the smaller trucks.

In the south side is positioned connecting corridor that logistics hall connects with the existing building so as to allow the transit of a forklift.

The proposed hall measuring 66 meters x 40 meters is designed as a three-sectional in the space of shelf storage, two-sectional in the area of free storage. The supporting system consists of a system of reinforced concrete columns, trusses and purlins. The roof is flat and insulated roof deck with waterproofing foil. The cladding is lightweight sheeting of horizontally laid sandwich panels. In the hall will be located no windows.

Hall heating will provide four gas hot air circulation unit. Another two units will provide heating in the area of loading.

New planting of greenery will be along the perimeter of the logistics area. The reason is not only aesthetic but it is also a reduction of emissions (dust) on the surrounding grounds.