New construction of the storage facility for Koutný company, Prostějov

Construction period:05/2019 - 10/2019
Investor:Koutný s.r.o.
Volume-area:Built-up area 1700 m2
Scope of Work:General delivery
Photo: New construction of the storage facility for Koutný company, Prostějov

t the beginning of May 2019, the construction of a new storage facility of the famed family brand of the men‘s fashion Koutný was started. It is a new storage building of textile fabrics and finished products consisting of a storage hall and facilities for workers located on the suburbs of Prostějov. There will be a cloakroom with sanitary facilities and employees offices at the back of house. Other  objects to be constructed are paved areas, fencing, connections and relocations of engineering utilities and internal utility networks, these objects are having supporting function to the main building. The total built-up area is 1.700 m2.

The storage hall is a stand alone building with a flat, saddle shape roof. The building load bearing structure is designed as a reinforced concrete prefabricated skeleton consisting of columns and roof trusses. The wall cladding is formed from gray IPN panels and a PVC roof covering in light gray color. The hall is divided into two parts, a storage of textile fabrics and a warehouse of finished products. Part of the storage hall is designated as the assembly area. Forklifts vehicles  will provide movement of material through the warehouse.

Workers facilities consisting of a set of residential containers are also part of the construction and these are operationally connected to the warehouse. The paved areas consists of connection to the main road, handling and transport area and parking places for passenger‘s cars.

Our company Heberger CZ is the general contractor of this construction project. Contractual performance also includes a provision of complete working design documentation.