Construction period:05/2020-09/2021
Investor:KDK Automotive Czech s.r.o.
Volume-area:10.214 m2

The new building will increase the production capacity within the existing compound of the investor, which deals with production of plastic parts, especially center consoles and armrests for car interiors using injection molding machines and automated assembly lines.

New hall is designed as a five-bay one floor hall with a rectangular floor plan and a saddle roof. There is a two-storey administrative and social facilities extension part connected from the south-western side, covered with a flat roof with a raised attic. There is a crushing plant and a warehouse for hazardous substances at a distance of about 12 m to the northwest, The space between the new building and the existing buildings is connected by a shelter. The built-up area of the hall and the social facilities extension is 10,214 m2, the built-up area of the administrative extension is 220 m2.

A total of 100 workers in 3 shifts will be employed in the production building, 5 employees out of this amount will be working in administration.

The building will have production facilities (injection molding and assembly lines), warehouses, auxiliary facilities (compressor room, energy substation, vacuum pumps), offices and the necessary social facilities, including changing rooms. Technological cooling, building cooling and air conditioning are located in outdoor containers along the northwest facade of the main building. The material will be stored in 6 storage silos located along the southwest facade and large-volume packaging (octabins). The arrival of trucks is ensured by the existing entrance to the production compound using the road connected to the public road.

The actual production space is divided into 2 parts. There is an assembly space equipped with assembly machines in the first bay and work tables with intermediate storage on a free surface. Injection molding machines will be located in the bay no. 2 and no. 3. The granulate will be transported to the presses by pneumatic piping using vacuum pumps. The presses are cooled by a compact cooling unit located outside the building next to the northwest facade of the building. Compressed air is provided from a compressor room located in the extension hall. Ventilation is provided by installed air ventilation system.

The load-bearing structure of the production hall consists of a prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton made up of load-bearing and gable columns, stiffeners, girders, ceiling panels and full-wall trusses. The roof cladding is supported by high trapezoidal sheets, on which the roof structure is anchored.

The construction is founded on monolithic footings with a subsoil modified by dynamic compaction. The perimeter cladding is made up of horizontal sandwich panels mounted on columns. The perimeter cladding is fitted with windows, doors and gates, using steel profile exchanges. The internal partitions in the in-built structure are made of plasterboard on a sheet metal grate. They are fire resistant in the required places.

The new building is cladded with horizontal sandwich panels in a light gray shade. Windows and doors are plastic with white frames and entrance doors in shade of gray. The roof cladding is provided with a gray coating. The plinth is provided with a thin layer of Marmolit trowel plaster.

MEP systems and the construction of technological routes for the installation of production distribution systems are also part of the project as per Investor's specifications