Date: 30.4.2024
The installation of the steel structure of the built-in structure of the original hall is currently underway. Outdoor paved areas are performed. Painting, laying of floor coverings, installation of sanitary partitions, installation of electrical wiring and lighting are also in progress. In May, glass partitions will be installed, the HVAC units will be replaced with the old ones and the hall will be installed, as well as internal doors including door frames.

In May, we started the completion of the manufacturing plant of MANN+HUMMEL Inneraumfilter (CZ) s.r.o. on the southern edge of the city of Uherský Brod. Air filters are manufactured, stored here and then shipped to customers. The current hall with an administrative building was built by our company in 2014. The building received Honorable Mention in the Building of the Year Zlín Region 2014 competition in the Industrial and Agricultural Buildings category.

During the construction of the hall with the administrative building, the possibility of expanding the production hall in the western direction was already taken into account. There is therefore no need to implement any re-laying of networks, roads or fencing, the completion will take place on a green area prepared for this. The aim of the current building plan is to expand the production hall, which will increase the production and warehouse capacity and the number of employees. The implementation of the contract will include the addition of a warehouse and a production hall, including a three-story inbuilt structure with a technical floor, an administrative floor and a floor with new changing rooms. The construction scope of works also includes modifications within the existing hall - demolition of some walls, construction of two new technology departments in the area of the existing expedition, construction of a two-story inbuild structure  with rooms for shift managers on the lower floor and a training room on the upper floor. The existing administrative building 1st floor will be renovated. New offices will be located on the area of the original changing rooms, which will be moved to the mentioned three-story inbuild structure in the new building.

The existing hall has a rectangular floor plan and is located in the southeastern part of the investor's land. On the north side, the hall is connected by a connecting neck to the existing administrative building, which will be adapted to requirements of the investor in the second stage of construction. The current building is fully utilized and construction works will be carried out without interruption of operations. The proposed extension of the hall, with a total built-up area of 3,450 m2, will follow the height of the existing hall. There will be an expanded warehouse in the southern part of the hall, the whole central part of the hall will be reserved for production, and there will be three-story inbuilt structure in the northwestern part of the extension. An escape door from the hall is designed on the west side. The new hall will be based on deep foundations - reinforced concrete drilled piles with reinforced concrete footings placed on their heads. There are reinforced concrete foundation strips on the heads of the piles in some areas. Reinforced concrete prefabricated plinth panels are designed around the perimeter of the hall up to a level of +1.0m. The floor is designed to be made of concrete, reinforced with steel wires. The floor is designed for loads from storage racks, machines, electric pallet trucks and also from dividing walls. The thickness of the slab, according to the investor's request, is 250 mm. The load-bearing structure consists of a prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton, supplemented by steel structures in the shell, internal dividing walls and in the roof plane. The perimeter shell is designed from vertically laid sandwich panels with hidden anchoring on a steel substructure. The roof structure is designed from reinforced concrete saddle trusses, on which reinforced concrete purlins will be placed. The roof sheathing consists of several layers with a waterproofed covering made of PVC foil. The ceilings above the inbuilt structures will be made of large span hollow panels. The roof shell with thermal insulation consists of two layers (tied joints) of mineral wool and waterproofing membrane, mechanically anchored to the trapezoidal sheet. Steel structures will be dimensioned to the required fire protection without additional measures. The color solution of the hall is adapted to the existing buildings. The original transport routes already considered the extension of the building, so there will be no significant changes to the roads. A pavement will lead from the existing administrative building to the extension and one entrance to the new hall will be established.

A key requirement in the solution concept was the implementation of fossil-free heat sources together with high energy efficiency, as well as the requirement for maximum heat recovery and free cooling within the operation of the air handling equipment. The new building will be equipped with new efficient systems for ventilation, heating and, where appropriate, cooling of the production premises, heat supply will be handled exclusively by air/air or air/water heat pumps. Special emphasis was placed on the design of heat recovery for air-conditioning equipment so that the maximum of low-potential waste heat was used and it was possible to limit the operation of air/air heat pumps only at extreme temperatures in the heating season. In the technical design of air-conditioning equipment, the maximum use of free cooling and night cooling of building structures was taken into account so that the operation of reversible air/air heat pumps was reduced to the necessary minimum, taking into account the microclimate of the production premises and the relevant hygiene regulations. The existing systems for ventilation and heating of the building will be completely modernized in order to enable operation of air/air or, to a lesser extent air/water heat pumps. Due to the phasing, it will be necessary to coordinate the simultaneous operation of the original and new devices so that they are primarily ensured conditions for trouble-free production. In the last phase, the gas boiler will be shut down and its complete dismantling will take place. The lighting of all spaces will be solved by energy-saving lighting systems. Sanitary fittings with low water consumption are also designed. The heating of hot water for the background of the hall and the cloakroom will be solved with the support of heating by a thermal solar system.

Completion of the new construction of the production hall with the commissioning of this part of the production area should take place at the beginning of 2024. Subsequently, the gradual transfer of technology and reconstruction of the existing hall building will take place, and at the same time the 3-story addition and other internal spaces will be completed. The overall completion of the expansion of the production area, including the reconstruction of the administrative building, is planned by the end of 2024.