Reconstruction and extension works of the Rokoska apartment building with the added elevator, Prague 8 Libeň

Date: 29.5.2023
A glass passenger lift was put into operation. The terrazzo on the staircase was completed and the entrance doors to the apartments were installed. The installation of internal interior doors and wooden floors, the completion of sanitary ware and electrical end elements is in progress. A new internal stair railing will be installed in the near future. The modification of the external paved areas was completed – the sidewalk along Nad Rokoskou street and the parking space at the apartment building. Installation of external fencing and shelter for municipal waste is underway. An authorized noise measurement was carried out, which is a condition for the successful approval of the apartment building. In the following weeks, an inspection by the Fire Brigade authority and the Regional Hygiene Station is planned, followed by a local investigation by the building authority.

In April 2022, we began construction and extension workas of the Rokoska apartment building in Prague Liben. The number of housing units will be increased by building modifications and extensions from the existing 8 to 10 housing units. The existing 2nd floor will be completely removed and 2 residential units will be built on its new floor plan. The building will be raised by a retreating 3rd floor, which will have a residential unit with a large terrace. The existing load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of the 2nd floor and the existing roof will be removed. A new layout of the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor will be implemented, as a combination of masonry and reinforced concrete ceilings. The new facade of the apartment building is designed as a contact thermal insulation system with plaster in the same shade as the existing facade. A new glass passenger elevator will be added to the apartment building. The reconstruction also includes  the replacement of all floor coverings, wall surfaces and sanitary equipment of bathrooms, replacement of entrance and interior doors and minor modifications to the layout of individual apartments. The newly constructed 2nd floor and 3rd floor will be connected to the existing internal HVAC distribution. The heating of the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor will be solved by floor heating feeded by gas boilers with storage heaters for domestic hot water. A new element is the retention and infiltration tank for rainwater, located in the garden of the apartment building. Parking will be provided on a paved area inside the apartment compound area, this area will be extended by a parking space towards Nad Rokoskou Street. The project also includes small-scale landscaping - lawn revitalization and planting of new shrubs.

Completion of the project is scheduled for February 2023.