Extension to the production and storage hall to the existing building of Bruder CZ s.r.o., Plzeň - Křimice


The investor's existing two-storey building is used as a production facility for the production of plastic toys. There is a production part in the building, where injection molding machines for the production of plastic toy parts are located, and there is also an assembly of toys from manufactured parts. There is also located a storage hall and technical facilities of the building in there. The existing building includes an administrative part and social facilities for both administration and production (changing rooms, washrooms, toilets). The use of the existing storage hall and the administrative part with social facilities does not change.

The existing foreman's office will be enlarged by 21.56 m2. In the part where the establishment of a new office is proposed, the existing fire-resistant door will be moved between the canteen and the hall.

The extension with a total area of 4,622 m2 is located on the west side of the existing building. The production part will be two-storey with built-in social facilities, the warehouse part is designed as a single-storey building. The extension will be separated from the existing hall by fire resistant structure.

The load-bearing structure of the extension will be made in the form of a reinforced concrete prefabricated skeleton supplemented by dividing masonry and prefabricated reinforced concrete walls. The load-bearing horizontal structure of the roof will consist of reinforced concrete girders, covered by trapezoidal sheets. The foundation will be made in the form of drilled piles and reinforced concrete foundation thresholds. For the possibility of connecting the both buildings, the existing perimeter wall will be modified - the existing window openings will be walled up and new door and gate penetrations will be made. The perimeter cladding solution is designed from mineral wool sandwich panels. The elevator shaft and the walls of the stairwell and the staircase itself will be prefabricated reinforced concrete.

The main entrance to the new extension building is enclosed by a glass facade with aluminum profiles. The infills of the facade are made of insulated triple glass with a sun protection glass. The double-winged entrance door will also be part of the glazed façade of the entrance.

In connection with the new extension, modifications will be made to the adjoining paved areas and connections to the rain and sewage systems, including the installation of new sewage shafts and modifications to the public lighting. New large volume storage silos for plastic granulate will be built and the existing cooling technology will be relocated.

In connection with the increase in the number of employees, the car park will be expanded and the related modifications of the slope and the route of the drainage channels will be expanded. New landscaping will be carried out at the area of the car park extension. There will also be established a new rest area for employees in the western part of the complex.

Completion of the new extension is scheduled for July 2023.