Date: 21.12.2022
In the middle of December a positive opinion was obtained from the fire and rescue service and a successful inspection by the building authority for the early use of part of the production hall with administrative facilities took place. The Investor's move to new premises from the existing hall is progressing successfully, with the assumption that production in part of the new hall will start in January 2023. This part of the production hall is completely finished and separated from the rest of the new hall and the existing production hall by a dust-proof partition made of sandwich panels. The outer paved areas were provided with an underlying asphalt surface and most of the interlocking paving of the sidewalks was completed. An underground sprinkler tank with a volume of 350 m3 including sprinkler extinguishing equipment technology was also completed. Landscaping of the earthen embankment is also almost complete, including the shaping of the slopes around the site intended for the future sports field. Furthermore, construction works continue on the new administrative building in the interior – plasterboard partitions and soffits, ceramic tiling and paving and MEP installation. In the adjacent new part of the production hall, a steel walkway with balustrades and a staircase is installed. After the move to the new premises is completed, dismantling works and modifications in the existing production hall will also continue.

In October 2021, we commenced construction works for the world's leading developer and manufacturer of drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE CZ s.r.o. in Hostivice near Prague.

This is an extension of the existing assembly hall and an extension of the administrative part of the building. The construction of the existing hall with an administrative building was built by our company in 2011. The existing building is in full operation and construction works will be done without any interruption of operation. New technologies and other related assembly and service operations will be located in the extension There will be office workplaces in the administrative part and the facilities for the production hall employees will also be expanded. The assembly hall will be extended in three directions to the neighboring undeveloped land. The total built-up area of the future hall building is over 4,000 m2. The extended assembly hall consists of the 1st floor and a partial built-in 2nd floor. The new extension of the administrative part will also have 2 floors, where at the 2nd floor level it will be connected by a footbridge with the existing administrative part. Characteristics of the use of the hall remains unchanged from the original state, it will continue to be the completion of engineering products - mainly gearboxes and similar products for the automotive industry and their subsequent dispatch. The assembly hall includes storage racking systems for products.The load-bearing structure of the building consists of a prefabricated skeleton supplemented by a steel structure for the construction of facade panels, skylights and sunblinds. The skeleton will be founded on piles supplemented by foootings. The ceilings are made of reinforced concrete prestressed slabs. The stairs will be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete.The composition of the roof will be made of trapezoidal sheets and insulating layers covered by PVC-P foil. For the administrative building, the trapezoidal metal sheets will be replaced by reinforced concrete ceiling prestressed slabs. There will be a fibre-concrete "industrial" floor in the assembly hall. The facade of the hall consists of sandwich insulation panels in combination with windows. The facade of the office building is designed using insulating system panels, it is the Trimo Qbiss system. The insulating wall panels of the hall building are anchored to reinforced concrete columns and, in the case of an office building, to an auxiliary steel structure. The appearance of the facades will be identical to the facades of the existing building. As part of the expansion of existing buildings, the existing  heating, cooling, ventilation systems and electrical installations will be expanded and modified. The extension of the hall and the administrative part will include partial relocations of the existing networks, new engineering networks and connections, as well as newly built paved areas, roads and car parks. Furthermore, external area lighting and landscaping will be supplemented and expanded.

 Completion of the expansion of the complex is planned by the end of 2022.