In August 2021, our company began construction work with the extension of the administrative part of SGCP CZ a.s. It is a modernization of the operation without increasing the capacity of technical and administrative premises of the existing administrative building (offices, meeting room, kitchen, cloakroom and living room).

Part of the construction modifications are the induced modifications of the existing buildings and paved areas providing connection to the transport infrastructure.

The new extension  will create a space in which the batteries of charging systems and other technologies for recharging traction batteries and their maintenance will be located. It is a single-storey extension to the existing two buildings. The longitudinal north-eastern wall connects to the existing two-storey administrative building made in the system of a brick reinforced concrete skeleton. The shorter northwest side then adjoins the gable of the existing hall clad in a light perimeter cladding. It will not be operationally connected from any of the adjacent buildings. Only the outdoor space of the newly built green roof will be connected with the office space of the office building. The building will be connected from the existing engineering distribution in the halls to which it is being added.

Completion is scheduled for the end of November 2021.