The internal production premises for the assembly of technology were handed over and the distribution of media for technological equipment is being completed. In the background, work on the construction of office space and social facilities for employees is being completed. Underground retention tanks have been installed in the outdoor area and the reconstruction of asphalt areas is being completed. In the roof, penetrations are being prepared for installations related to technological equipment.

In January 2021, we began a new hall for F.X.Meiller construction, which produces and distributes Meiller tipper bodies, semi-trailers and hydraulics.

The company's new production hall is located on a building plot in the town of Slaný, on the premises of F.X.Meiller Slaný s.r.o. The new construction of the KTL hall, including the connecting hall between the newly designed hall and the existing buildings, is equipped with administrative, social and technical facilities. Part of the hall is the construction of a transformer station, a compressor room and a paint warehouse in the northwestern part. In the hall, construction preparation is designed for the installation of painting line technology.

The architectural solution focuses mainly on the functional and dispositional solution and on the structural and color facade cladding solution. A light metal-plastic cladding is designed, which is combined with window strips in the administrative part. The supporting system of the hall based on piles will consist of reinforced concrete prefabricated columns and trusses. The cladding of the hall consists of horizontal sandwich panels, the roof is a folded cladding with PVC foil.

The hall has a fragmented floor plan with a total area of 3.270 m2. The total area of the hall, including the proposed extension, is 4.032 m2. The "L" -shaped  administrative built-in structure is oriented in the south-eastern part of the hall. Its main part is located on the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor there is also a room for air conditioning and a gas boiler room, which is accessible from a steel direct staircase leading to the interior of the hall itself. The height of the attic is variable in different height levels.

The implementation includes demolition of existing buildings, relocation of networks, construction of other small objects such as paved areas and roads, or construction of new engineering networks, including the relevant connection points.

Completion of the construction is planned for the beginning of 2022.