3.4.2013 | Constructions in progress

Repair of outdoor parking slab construction - Hypermarket Globus, Prague 5

In January 2013, 15 years after completion of Hypermarket Globus in Prague Zličín, one of the supporting pillars suddenly came down by 2,5m and then about 150m2 of outdoor parking slab construction fell down. Our company currently provides disassembly of damaged structures. Geotechnicians investigate detailed survey of subsoil which is the probable cause of this incident.

19.11.2012 | Constructions in progress

CONSTRUCTION COMPLETED - Expansion of existing production area of company Dachser Czech Republic a.s. in Kladno

Construction of the new transhipment hall and four-floor administrative builing has been successfully completed as scheduled.

7.8.2012 | Constructions in progress

Industrial Park - SEW EURODRIVE CZ, Ltd.

Construction of Industrial Park - SEW EURODRIVE CZ has been successfully completed.


Reconstruction of production building GZ DIGITAL MEDIA a.s.

Reconstruction of the main production building

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