Extension of a warehouse for Saint Gobain a.s. company (Isover divison), Lipník nad Bečvou


In October 2020, on the north-eastern edge of the town of Lipník nad Bečvou, we started the completion of a storage hall for a major global manufacturer of building materials, Saint Gobain. Subject of the project is a roofing of the space adjacent to the existing halls. The new roof will ensure the protection of products and the space for handling. The extension of the roof of one floor height  will be made of a light steel structure and it will extend above handling area. The gable roof will be installed on steel columns and it consists of a lattice tubular structure. The columns of the hall will be anchored to the reinforced concrete footings. We have optimized the foundation structures with regard to geological conditions and relatively low loads. The cladding of the hall in the northwest will be is having trapezoidal sheets in gray-white. The other uncovered walls will be fitted with a welded mesh so that the stored material is firmly protected. As part of the construction works, it is necessary to relocate and extend the rainwater drainage system, and also public lighting will be modified. The design of paved areas deals with the construction of handling areas for the operation of a new building and it will be connected to the existing paved areas of the plant premises. Completion of the roofing extension is scheduled for January 2021.