NOVARES JANOVICE s.r.o. - Extension of the production area Janovice nad Úhlavou

Date: 12.7.2019
Opening Ceremony was held for the participation of the French Ambassador in the Novares Janovice production area. Finishing works are underway.

Novares Janovice s.r.o. is a multinational company in the production of plastic automotive parts and automotive clothing for major world automakers. The plant in the industrial zone of the city has been operating for more than 10 years, when our company was a general supply of production facilities for the original owner company OLHO - Technik Czech s.r.o. in 2006.

The current owner plans the further development of the plastics processing industry for the automotive industry. For this reason, the production areas must be extended by the construction of a new production hall. The layout solution of the new production hall is based on its functional focus as a production and warehouse, serving both for the installation of the production technology and for the strengthening of the storage facilities. The basic construction system for the construction of a new hall building will be a reinforced concrete skeleton system divided into two independent objects. The one section building of the hall of the communication space and the five section building of the production-warehouse extension. The total built-up area of both buildings will be about 10.000 m2. The new hall height is divided into several levels. The vertical supporting structures are made up of prefabricated columns. The roof layers of the buildings is made up of trapezoidal sheets and insulation block. Sandwich facade panels are used for cladding. The annexes of the hall and some parts of built-in structures are made of steel. The annex hall be founded deep on large-scale piles. Communication and parking areas will be asphalt, concrete and paving. The construction of the hall will bring jobs for 159 new employees. The expected start date of the construction is planned for April 2018 and its completion in the Summer 2019.