Reconstruction of the “E” and “F” halls at Mann + Hummel (CZ) v.o.s. production area, Nová Ves

Date: 10.8.2018
The reconstruction of the halls has been completed

At the beginning of the year construction works, in the production area of the Czech-German company Mann + Hummel (CZ) in Nová Ves near Okříšek, have started. Company Mann+Hummel produced air, oil, cabin and hydraulic filters not only for automotive industry. The construction of the two halls “E” and “F” and the extension of the outdoor escape staircase of the hall are related to the change in use of part of the building from the warehouse space to the production and assembly spaces. In one of their existing hall there will be built one storey for offices, hygienic facilities and changing rooms. The spaces are connected through the open courtyard balcony to the hall and connect to the existing staircase. The courtyard balcony will be protected by a net to prevent contact people with the crane track. Current offices will be reconstructed to the dayroom of employees. The steel staircase will be led to the roof and will be used as an enter to the technical room with ventilation units. At the 1st floor level under the built-in floor there will be room for maintenance of machines, offices, electrical workshops and warehouse. A partition wall from the system panels will be removed between the two halls. In the northern facade, holes will be created for new escape doors, lockers ‘windows and offices. There will be a new entrance for trucks and forklifts. The outside appearance will mainly concern the northern facade, where window strips will be installed. A new steel staircase will be built from the changing rooms in the 2nd floor. The completion of the construction is scheduled for April 2018.