KOH-I-NOOR Mladá Vožice a.s. company is engaged in the production of aerosol valves acessories. The manufacturing program is also production of mechanical pumps for non-pressuized packaging. Since June 2016 in the area of the Czech company which is located in South Bohemia in Mladá Vožice near the Tábor town, began the construction of new building, an extension and construction work for building and utilities. Our company implements the general contractor for this project and ensures coordination of all jobs in all stages of documentation. Buildings in the complex KOH-I-NOOR Mladá Vožice will take place in three phases. Proposed building and construction works solve the extension of production capacity and warehouse space, resolving substandard operational linkages of production and the creation of a new expedition with a ramp. It also includes a small reconstruction and completion of the main operational building with the main entrance.

The aim of the construction is to create a modern form of the manufacturing plant with a representative architectural and construction solution to the satisfaction of our client.

The first stage is the construction of a new three-aisled storey factory and warehouse with parts shipping products and receiving materials. On the east side will be complemented one storey part with offices and staff facilities. Part of this phase is to boiler building and construction works in relation to the facade of the existing hall.

The second stage includes the extension and construction of operative administration building. Extending the entrance areas with subsequent adjustment of the driveway space to the compound. On the south side of the building will be built covered bridge connecting the buildings and offices of the new factory and warehouse.

In the third phase will proceed construction works of building interior parts, laboratories and cloakrooms at the eastern facade on both floors. Further constructions works of eastern and northern parts of facade - insulation, some new windows and canopies over entrances.

Completion of the new hall construction and other construction works inside of the production compound are planned for March 2017.