Construction of a new boiler house STORA ENSO WOOD PRODUCTS, PLANÁ AT MARIENBAD

Date: 11.11.2014
Concreting of the foundation slab has been finished in place of conveyors and foundations for chimeny filter. Currently, the construction of reinforced concrete walls on axis 1/ D-G and walls for conveyors proceed.Realization of high voltage connection has been started.

In September 2014 our company has commenced the construction of a new boiler house for woodworking plant STORA ENSO WOOD PRODUCT - Planá at Marienbad which is intended for the manufacture and supply of her. The new boiler house with power 10mW will completely replace the existing boiler housem (8mW). The existing boiler room will remain in operation and serve as an alternative source of heat.

The new boiler house with a total size 25 x 19 meters will be consisted of several tehchnological parts. In the main hall will be located the boiler  and on its side will directly linked the filter with a chimney. Behind the boiler room will be built the store of biomass with one opened wall for fuel which is composed of wood bark.  All of these parts will be single storey. Under the boiler room will be conducted underground tunnel with biomass transportation with a length of 19m. Above the biomass store will be located switchboard and control room. Part of the works are also amodifications of existing paved areas adjacent to the building and utility connections.

The supporting structure of the building is a combinaction of reinforced concrete structure and steel structure. Roof will be covered by corrugated steel sheets.  The realization of this project will be utilized modern technology with higher heat transfer efficiency and at the same time there is an enormous reduction in emissions per unit of heat produced.