Assembly and expedition hall Windmöller&Hölscher Czech Ltd.- III. Phase, Prostějov

Date: 4.4.2014
Construction of the new builing has been successfully completed as scheduled.

 The company Windmöller&Hölscher Czech Ldt.  deals the installation of machines and equipment for  the production of flexible packaging made of polypropylene fabric. Construction of the new assembly and expedition hall is designed as a single-storey, two-bay with a gable roof and it is located in the industrial zone of city Prostějov. Its total floor area is 4.130m2 and it will provide facilities for 60 new employees. The hall is divided into three units which will be used for input quality components control, further goods receipt and its storage and packing and shipping of finished products. For the first two functional units will be realized two-floor inhall. The main hall will be made up of a steel frame and based on piles. The roof will be from single-trapezoidal  sheets with thermal and waterproof membrane and  with 5 continuous ridge skylights. The cladding is made of sandwich metal insulated panels with color double-sided polyester finish in silver color.  The new assembly and expedition hall will be connected to the existing communications company system. Construction of new paved surface is proposed with regard to the operation of heavy trucks.

Completion of the building is planned for the turn of March and April 2014.