Construction of aluminium storage building Ronal CR s.r.o. company, Pardubice

The construction has been successfully approved and it is currently in the process of handover and removing small backlogs.

In summer 2013 we started a construction   of aluminium storage building for our regular client in Pardubice. It is a single hall with reinforced concrete structure which will be on one side adjacent to the existing production building. New building with dimension of 850 m2 follows the architecture of the original production hall  and all structures, materials and finishes will be made in the same colour scheme and standard as the relevant elements of the existing building. The shed roof will be lined with the low attic along the entire perimeter. Roof layers consist of galvanized trapezoidal sheets, thermal insulation and waterproof single layer membrane. Facade will consist of prefabricated sandwich panel up to the height of 3m, upper part of the facade is made of horizontally installed C-cassettes with mineral wool insulation. Hall is intended to be used as storage of raw aluminium. Compound road  will be expanded to serve this newly built hall. Access to the industrial park is planned from the existing road using the main entrance through the gatehouse. Handover of the finished work will take place in December 2013.