Extension of existing production hall of company TUP Bohemia s.r.o., Industrial Park – Cheb

Date: 24.7.2013
Assembly of prefabricated reinforeced concrete structure has been completed. Installation of the roof corrugated steel sheets and the facade has begun.

At the beginning of June 2013 our company has started with an extension of existing pruduction hall of company TUP Bohemia s.r.o., which produces luxury armchairs and seat covers for cars and planes. This is the delivery and installation of the bearing structure, cladding of walls, including windows and doors and realization of the facade and the roof. Construction of the hall will be operationally paritioned into separate storage, two production parts  and bonding room. New extension is one-storey except the part for bonding,  there will be a wide 5m floor for technical room and a cabin of production manager. With the new extension is planned to increase the capacity of existing employees from 100 to 300. Extension of existing production area should take 7 weeks.