Reconstruction of UniCredit Bank, Square of the Republic, Prague 1

Date: 16.2.2012
Reconstruction is completed, occupancy permit inspection successfully held.

We have executed just within 3 months, from beginning of September 2011 till middle of December 2011, a complete reconstruction of 5.800 m2 of internal areas for the  UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s. This building was constructed in 1998 and our company Heberger CZ was a general contractor of the project. Bearing structure is a reinforced concrete frame of 7 aboveground and 2 underground floors.

The most interesting and as well the most technically demanding part of the construction was the construction of 7 floors lift shaft for 2 lifts. This lift shaft is located inside building’s main atrium and its foundation grate is inserted in the floor slab adjacent to a main bank safe. Reconstruction included replacement of all interior surfaces, electrical light and heavy current installations, adjustments of the ventilation system and construction of new toilets. Reconstruction was being executed with the bank partially opened for public and thus all works in basement had to be done only during night hours. Construction was, despite of the short term, considerable amount of extra works and design changes, completed on time and to the satisfaction of the Client.