New construction of the logistics hall of GZ Media a.s. is located in the cadastre of Soběslav. In the Sobeslav production plant, production is being set up for one of the company's key customers. It is a polygraphic type of production, where the end product is various types of stylish storage boxes for households. The extension of the warehouse ensures the storage of finished products. The hall is functionally divided into a part of rack storage and handling space, which forms approximately 1/6 of the area.

The extension is a single-storey two-aisle hall situated along the existing historic production hall and is connected to it on the south-east side by a connecting neck. A new entrance is located in the neck, two connections to the production building, always connected to the production stream, and two loading bridges. One will be used for receipt in the warehouse of materials and types for dispatch of finished products. This solution will make it possible to unload and load goods from different wagons without any traffic crossing of the wagons in the hall. A charging point for forklift trucks is designed in the neck (batteries will not be removed).

The hall is designed as a single-storey building with a load-bearing reinforced concrete structure. The total built-up area is 1,580 m2 and the usable area of the storage part is 995 m2. Construction system - vertical load-bearing columns are designed as prefabricated reinforced concrete, embedded on both sides in the goblets of foundation piles or feet. The foundation of the hall is a deep form of drilled reinforced concrete piles and in the neighborhood existing on the footings.

In terms of construction, the entrance part and the office are separated. The partitions are made of facade cladding panels. The surface treatment of precast reinforced concrete is only exposed concrete. The perimeter cladding is light metal-plastic, made of horizontally placed sandwich panels with mineral wool. The roof will be insulated with waterproofing foil. Three high-speed doors with an electromotive rolling tarpaulin will be installed in the extension.

The architectural solution of the exterior is completed by new grassy areas and landscaping.

Completion of the hall is planned for the end of 2021.