Completion of the production hall and administrative part for company ESON CZ in Lety

The assembly of the steel supporting structure and the perimeter cladding of the sandwich panels of the production hall was completed. The roof structure has been installed, including the thermal technical and waterproofing layer, followed by the installation of a roof retaining system. The implementation of a wire-reinforced concrete floor slab has been implemented and the lining of the walls of the administrative building are in progress.

At the turn of April and May 2020, the completion of the production hall with the administrative part for ESON CZ will begin. The company is engaged in production and business activities related to cutting dies for application in the printing and packaging industry.

The new building consists of a production hall and office part, paved areas, compound utilities and landscaping. The new building will be located on the west and north sides of the existing hall and will be of L-shaped layout.

Construction of the new building is a single-storey one. The new production part follows the existing production hall in the same width and height arrangement. The roof is designed as a gabled roof with light panels in the roof plane. The visible parts of the facade and roof are made of sandwich insulating panels in a similar structure and color design as the cladding of the existing production hall. There is new administrative part and facilities for employees at the north side of the new production hall. This part of the building is having a shed roof. The northern facade will be glazed, using a standard aluminum grid system. The eastern and western facades are ventilated with a facing cladding made of facade composite cassettes. The total usable area of the new hall and administrative part is 780 m2.

The buildings will be based on the foundation footings and a reinforced concrete insulated plinth panel will be installed under the cladding. The supporting structure of the hall is made of steel cross frames and the administrative part is made of steel columns and beams. All steel elements are fire rated for resistance R15.

The demand for heating of the administrative part will be solved by a wall hanged gas condensing boiler. Cooling device to adjust the microclimatic conditions of selected areas is designed as air/air heat pump system. All air intakes and outlets for production areas will be provided by the central air ventilation unit. A new air handling unit will be added to the existing production area

There will be a parking for employees and visitors in the northeastern part of the area. Northern part of the land will be covered by grass and other landcapping features.

The length of construction is planned for 9 months from the start of works.